My Services

I offer the following services: Fee-Based Wealth Management, as well as Financial and Investment Consulting Services. Please contact me for further information and specifics on these services.

Wealth Management

Non-custodial discretionary fee based investment management services are provided if your aggregate account balances total more than $250,000 US Dollars. In addition to all of the usual statements, trade confirms and tax forms, this service includes on-line account access and monitoring, check writing and debit cards -- if desired. You will also be provided with a quarterly performance report, year-end tax report, summary economic data, and my personal investment newsletter.

Consulting Services

If you have an investment, financial, economic or business planning that you would prefer to discuss on an hourly basis to reach a custom-designed solution tailored to your specific needs and circumstances, this could be the answer.

Professional witness services in legal and or arbitration matters are not available.