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A Short History of Caleb Lawrence — Registered Investment Adviser, Inc.

Caleb Lawrence

Caleb Lawrence

Registered Investment Advisor

I specialize in re-allocating investments in response to changing economic and business cycle conditions!

Since 2000, I have hosted an economic update and market commentary on KPIG Radio 107.5 FM from Freedom, California, and since 2007 from KPYG Radio 94.9 FM Cayucos, California.

For a summary of the days’ important economic and investment issues, tune in for a different perspective each business day at high noon. The show is also repeated on the Internet and through KPIG’s other stations, as well.

By popular demand, I also make my radio shows available on my “Market Bull” blog for people who can’t catch the live shows.

All the best,
Caleb Lawrence

Caleb Lawrence

Registered Investment Adviser

5321 Scotts Valley Drive
Suite #202
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Toll Free: (888) 742-4744
Local: (831) 334-5318

Listen to Caleb’s daily market commentary on California’s Central Coast every business day at 12 noon, KPIG 107.5 FM in the Monterey Bay or KPYG 94.9 FM in San Luis Obispo.