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Much continues to be made about Deutsche Bank with speculation centering on a rumored settlement with the Department of Justice for much less than the originally asked for 14-billion of course related to the fraudulent sale of Mortgage Backed Securities or MBS. With recent depositor withdrawals stoking fears of it becoming the next Lehman Brothers late last week. Certainly Deutsche Bank is very interconnected globally with other banks and its derivatives book runs over 40 trillion Euros. Leverage of 25-1 is very excessive but not of the 40-1+ insanity seen in the previous crisis, as per Nobel Laureate Robert Engle. That said Deutsche Bank is rated as Europe’s riskiest at present, but then Credit Suisse chief executive Tidjane Thiam noted last week that Europe’s banks aren’t really investable anyway. Which was followed by the equally amusing statement by Deutsche Bank CEO John Cryan who presides over the continents largest investment bank, complaining that speculators had made a victim out of the bank by pushing its share price to a record low. Which is right in there with Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf trying to blame the banks rank and file employees for the criminality of its management related to its latest scandal. For god’s sakes the banksters need to be locked up so that they have plenty of time to reflect on their hubris and chicanery.


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